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“Violine” by Joe Woodward

Violine is based on the actual war time diaries of Jack Woodward who was  prisoner of war in Wolfsberg and Klagenfurt, Austria. It also deals with his journey into dementia some sixty years later. The life shaping events of one period become re-examined and changed over time. But even in the hazy world of dementia, the leading character still plays the violin with consumate ease. Violine is about the struggle for dignity in a brutal and dirty world. Regardless of circumstances or outward appearances, there are some for whom such a concept remains paramount. Violine touches on the same world depicted in Faure's music. The actor playing the central character MUST be able to play classical violin at a very high level of expertise.

​The play was first performed at Gorman House in Canberra in 1996 and later had a professional production in 2003 and subsequent performances in 2015 and 2017 in Wolfsberg, Austria.This text version is the "Live Radio" or reading version. The live theatre version is currently not available.