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“GEESE” by Joe Woodward

Antonin Artaud inspired the play GEESE and therefore it features the surrealist imagination he engendered. GEESE is a contemporary fantasia on cultural beliefs, neurosis and euphoric experience. Significantly, it  also utilises Balinese Dance, Butoh, new music, poetic text and drama. The play needs a small cast.  Successful productions took place in Canberra, Australia and in Beirut, Lebanon. GEESE references Artaud's time in Bali; however, it deals more with a radical left mindset from the early 1970s and the challenge to accepted social norms.

Roger Azar directed the Beirut production in 2016.

Free download of sample text and further description below the image.

​Video Preview of 2011 production
"Guttermouth Speech" from the 2011 production
"Radical Girl" speech from the 2011 production