theatre practice and philosophy from a practitioner's point of view

Analytical Absurdity from Kafka and Havel in The National Curriculum for the Arts

Kafka woke up as a bug in “Metamorphosis” and alerted us all to the ennui that is culture and our existence within it. Any one who doesn’t fit the mould will feel like a bug and be shunned by everyone who every meant anything to them. Postmodernism creates its bugs of people who refuse to be placed in statistical nightmares created by emotionless robots under fluorescent lights. Paradoxically, it accepts every cultural position except that of individual thought and rejection of traditionalism and reductionism. The bug is then the subject for the psychiatrist, the psychologist and the drug companies that ensure the bug remains thinking as a bug and needs to work towards being unbugged to fit and without disorder: in short to become Ionesco’s rhinoceros … 

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The very literal fluidity of the process has served as a metaphorical basis for understanding my own possibilities for creating new and fresher works. It is nothing new. But it does reinforce the need for newness and challenge in the artistic process. I prefer to think of it as a phenomenological approach; even if I have to offer apologies to Husserl, Heideggar, Artaud et al. By switching the object of my attention from my pre-defined and pre-determined script on to the audience and to interaction between the audience and the bathtub, I was able to test out and change my creative response and then seek a new object; this new object being a new play!

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