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Scream No. 57 : July 2012 (From the Archives of SHP) An idea that seems to be about one thing or another is probably about something quite different. The following piece is a short ramble marking out a frame through which an idea might grow and become part of the...

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THEATRE AND ART; THE SIDESHOW OF DISTRACTION … post modernism and the myth of normal balance

It isn’t ironic that state agencies tend to fund “post modern Art” alongside traditional multi-cultural offerings. Both provide safe options politically and culturally. Postmodern artistic operation and aspiration runs comfortably with big business, big money and government bureaucracy. It ticks the right boxes for innovation, partnerships, equity and various other domains that appeal to bureaucracies, business and government. The true postmodern artist is actually more comfortable around big money and power than with “alternative” arts scenes and presentation . . . “Cool” is an important ingredient.

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I doubt that even many Priests of the Catholic Church actually believe in the dogma of Catholic
catechisms and the Nicene Creed. But for my father in 1954, belief was everything. As a child I
knelt at my bedside while my baby brother slept in his cot and my mother knelt with me and we
recited the Rosary.

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To Believe Is To Kill

Launching a book by former ALP speech writer Graham Freudenberg, former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating forcefully lashed out at key elements of the Gallipoli myth. He was quoted in the Australian as saying: "The truth is that Gallipoli was shocking for us....

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