theatre practice and philosophy from a practitioner's point of view


I saw a show the other night. Lots of people looked terribly serious. They were important people. Their importance was obvious. They held their cheeks in a most important way. And for some, it was in the way they drew attention to the management that their importance...

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  art, theatre and reality dance to a deathly tune with farcical absurdity for a somnambulist audience Shadow House PITS aims to create theatre that struggles to escape the defined certainty of beliefs, factual interpretations and points of view. Dance Me was...

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Who Should Act?

Who should act? Who should put themselves in front of an audience? In answering this question so critical for theatre, we come back to theatre’s value and role within a culture and society.

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A Rationale for “Mother Courage and Her Children” in 2019

In Brecht’s play, the children are sacrificed on the altar of business. The war rages for over thirty years. Anna Fierling, MOTHER COURAGE, sees no option but to trade on the war for her own survival. It doesn’t take too much thinking to see how the generational divide is stacked in favour of the status quo and their support for the on-going war … even as it kills our kids. Replace “war” with “climate change” see how the outcome is the same

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Releasing a theatre of cruelty for the actor

A huge benefit of Artaud’s thinking for actors is the need to confront the straitjacket of one’s ego and forging a release from the body’s emotional and pent up baggage. In this article, I will attempt to show how two equally restrictive personal qualities from actors need to be released in order that acting can in fact take place with any degree of competency. While there is much that can be written on the subject, this article will focus on one very simple exercise that, if repeated, can produce an excellent vehicle for change, self realisation and development.

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Uncomfortable Legacy of NAZI Art

Authoritarian parents who monster their kids and so keep them in a state of infancy try to nullify any threat to their power and control. The arts are a threat! Like Stalin and many other dictators, they try to make all artistic effort conform to their own tunnel vision of control.

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