theatre practice and philosophy from a practitioner's point of view

Phantom Gravity

I looked directly into the skull ... those sockets so dark and penetrating. I lay there for hours, hardly blinking and just staring into those orbs of darkness ... then it happened. I knew it would happen. Somehow I had a premonition and now it was fulfilled. In those...

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Needing phantoms of cultural fears

I am seeking people who are free from dogma and yet willing to consider and become devil's advocates and then seek the dialectical relationships that art can view. A few essays and lots of discussion! Perhaps a caption or two from some timely photos! So who are these...

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A Theatre of Smugness

Are we at risk of degenerating into a theatre of smugness? Few things repel as surely as smugness; that impenetrable shield that surrounds the body and psyche of someone consumed by certainty while hiding within his or her own limited sense of self-righteousness. When...

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Tempest in a Bathtub

Trinculo confronts himself in front of his  invited audience to elicit a phenomenology of theatre making I perform a short play in a bathtub, "Trinculo's Bath Tub". The role of Trinculo emerged from my newsletter. Living in a street called Trinculo Place added to the...

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