What is it about the placid goose that can make it the most terrifying image one can imagine? I had a dream that did just that in 1969. I woke up in a cold sweat as all possibilities of the world and my future seemed to be summarized by these placid and passively aggressive creatures actually roaming around my head and pecking at my face and eyes.

The lure of the military as it marched off to Vietnam and compelled my peers and potentially me to join its pointless orgy weighed heavily on my psyche. The fear of relationships, marriage and religion were epitomized by these creatures that so gently plucked at my eyes, ears and face. I envisioned myself as a song writer in 1969 and that was all I ever imagined doing. And so the song GEESE was written and later recorded in March 1974 in a small private room in Tara, South West Queensland. The absurd lyrics of the song reflected my sense of personal absurdity in 1969 when I had just finished school.

This is the 1974 version recorded on a Sony Reel To Reel in Paul Winfield’s drumming practice room in the small country town of Tara. Paul played drums on the recording. Even though, he was only 13 at the time and was already a fanatical drummer. When not trying to pull frogs from red-bellied black snake mouths, he’d be playing the drums and into everything musical and rock-n-roll. It paid off for Paul because he became one of the worlds leading rock drummers having “worked with and recorded with some of the biggest names in Australian Rock including Richard Clapton, Jimmy Barnes, Party Boys, Kix,
Raw Power,James Reyne and Kevin Borich and is a very sought after session drummer. Genre styles include Rock, Blues and anything that requires a good solid percussion section.” (https://www.facebook.com/bangindrummer/)

The video is an after consideration. All copies of the song were lost for decades but were found when examining a hidden track on an old reel when playing it back on Angelo O’Reilly’s vintage tape recorder. The meaning of the work is now interpreted by Trinculo who is developing the piece into part of a new show for 2019.

Listening to the song now and hearing the bum notes on the organ and some sloppy timing, I wonder how it might sound with real musicians who could complement the drumming. I did the vocals, the guitar and the reed organ. I had meant to redo the organ track later but I was transferred from Tara to Teelba a couple of weeks later and I never saw the organ or Paul again. All I had was the tape.

I still feel the hideous power of the nightmare geese on my face and the phrase from the song: “There’s soldiers standing on my face / I guess they think I’m the human race. There’s armies waltzing on my head / Nightmare dreams have all but fled”.

Trinculo’s new show in 2019: POSSESSION.