Theatre and philosophy and movements within history are interlinked and perhaps affect artists and theatre practitioners in shadowy ways. This is another archived essay from 2015. It might help to sharpen the saw of our inspiration and work in a very complex political and social time!
Why do we think our theatre always needs to be so optimistic
(From the Shadow House PITS archive: Scream No.70 June 2015)
The primacy of human thought was seen as a basis for all action. The enemy got us killed; the enemy being the “establishment” and its lackey, “the Government”. Without proclaiming “Anarchism” as the necessary outcome of such thinking, the Anarcho-syndicalism examples from Spain in the 1920s /30s were in the mix along with radical leftist and new left writing with their origins in Marxism. The libertarian stream was compatible with Marx’s own brief writings on “alienation” especially in early publications of The German Ideology. It never really rang any bells that right wing “libertarian” thought was the natural bi-product of this thinking that extolled individual freedoms.
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