AND BEYOND THE VIOLENCE (archive from s h a d o w h o u s e p i t s)



And Beyond The Violence
(Scream No. 72 December 2015)
Artaud speaks of the tyranny of culture and theatre as a means for breaking it down (See The Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism, RD Cranor, Spring 2010). Cultures are collectivist entities that do not arise from no where. They are grounded in deeply divisive historical events and founded upon beliefs in the way humans might organize and live. Yet now, apart from in France, we see very suspicious and even discursive regard to the foundation of Western thought emanating from The Enlightenment period. Insecurity over Modernist thinking and its pitfalls has seen a crisis of values and an ironic sense of individual freedoms resulting from the Enlightenment. It has meant there is difficulty in measuring pre and post Enlightenment successes. For art and theatre there are obvious difficulties when discussing competing ideas and notions of value in religion, culture and aesthetics.
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